May 24-26 Lineup


Sing, dance and play along with Mandy and the band as they explore classic jazz tunes and reimagine popular songs you know in a jazzy style!

Family Yoga – Gabrielle Gaudon & Meaghan Mosher

Saturday, May 25 at 9:30 AM
Best suited for children aged 5 & up.

Yoga is for everyone! Stretch and strengthen your body in this yoga class designed for the whole family.

Watch as the Kiddonauts improvise scenes with help from the audience that are inspired by the music of Rattle & Strum.

Zoostreet – Occasional Notes

Saturday, May 25 at 1:30 PM
Best suited for children aged 6 months to 8 years old

The monkeys mambo, the penguins polka and the tigers tango! Learn about the animals at the zoo with the delightful team at Zoostreet!

Family Dance – DJ Jamz – Big Kitty Crew / Direct Drive

Saturday, May 25 at 6:00 PM
All ages.

Presented in partnership with AEMCON, DJ Jamz lays down the tracks for a night of family fun!

Music Kids – Chinook School of Music

Sunday, May 26 at 10:00 AM
Best suited for children under 6 years old

This event is best for babies! Music Kids love to sing and dance as they build music appreciation, make new friends and have fun.

Mr. Chris and James Jordan team up to make magic and debut “The Smallest Little Big Top”.

It’s Hammertime!; Tales of the Vikings

Sunday, May 26 at 2:30 PM
Best suited for ages 9 & up.

TALES storytellers Calum Lykan and Karen Gummo take you into the Great Halls of Norse Gods and Viking Chieftains. Meet Thor and Loki, Odin and Freya along with a whole cast of Outlaws. Day and Night, Dark and Light, Collide and dance to the percussive sounds of Jazz Musician Nathaniel Chiang.

A night of classical music featuring Lauren Wood, Kathleen van Mourik, The Timepoint Ensemble and StoryMusic.

Free Events

On Saturday and Sunday, 20 minutes prior to all shows at Doherty Hall,
Mr. Rayz and Dan the One Man Band will be performing a free set outside the hall. Free craft station.


I am Fearless 

Amanda Cottrell & April Dawn

Empower your kids and get them up and moving in this interactive yoga and art workshop. Amanda and Apryl are mompreneres and coauthors of a new yoga and mindfulness book that teaches kids to believe in themselves through the power of ‘I am.’ 

Apryl is a yoga teacher, writer and designer in Calgary. She aspires to share her passions through creative expression, as she runs her own jewelry design business Apryl Dawn Designs, and has co-authored an Amazon #1 best selling book on thriving as an entrepreneurial mom boss. 

Amanda’s motto is ‘Believe, Create, Inspire!’ Her mission is to help people develop and explore their creative gifts through art, yoga and mindfulness. Amanda is an author, illustrator, and teacher (B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed). 


Colour Me Sad 

Alicia Ward

Throughout Alicia’s past 11 years of teaching she has been interested in the many ways children express their emotions. The sudden outbursts of feeling from the very depths of their small bodies has always left Alicia quietly laughing, sympathizing and shaking her head. Her time at the University of Calgary completing a drama degree also brought to her awareness the many ways we stifle the expression of emotions from a very young age, including the well intentioned “don’t cry” or “don’t be afraid.” 

In “Colour me Sad” Alicia hopes to continue her explorations of tap dance, physical comedy, movement through colour, and creating engaging material for young audiences. Mostly she wants to get audiences moving and interested in dance! Alicia first tested “Colour Me Sad” with TB Weekends: January Edition audiences early in 2019.


Everyday Icing

Shawna Robinson

Everyday Icing stories allow young people to explore, imagine and make-believe as long as they possibly can. In a world where technology is on the rise, nurturing creative thought is the most powerful gift to rise along with it.

The Everyday Icing community is built on human connection, and a little magic. As the community grows, we will expand how members engage with stories to inspire our readers in new ways. We are dedicated to using technology as a launching pad to connect.